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  • I am a blue collar worker with a mechanical background. I have made all kinds of dumb mistakes financially in my past. None of which I regret. What I regret is how I did them!! I had nobody to tell  what to do or how to do it.  Big bikes,  big trucks, big tool boxes, big tools. All of which equals BIG bills. What i want to do is help you with advice that will allow you to have ALL of what you want in time. Just not all at one time.



  • Save for a rainy day....Let your money work for you....Let your money work hard for you so you don't have to. All said by our parents  but where do we take it from there? Where do we go with those bits of financial wisdom? Hopefully I can help you  learn some things that can only  be taught or learned. For some reason school does not teach this to us. If we did not learn good financial habits from our parents or how and where to invest then its up to us to learn.



I am not a financial advisor, or financial consultant. I'm just an average Joe who has a passion for investing , finances, and debt awareness. In my past I have been deep deep in debt. Living paycheck to paycheck unable to save or get ahead. All purchases went on a credit card which every day dug me deeper and deeper. I have now been completely out of debt with the exception of my mortgage  for about 6 or 7 years now. This is my first blog /website and I'm learning as I go.  04/17/2019


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